Foods That You Should Always Buy Organic

Foods That You Should Always Buy Organic

When you go to the grocery store you are overwhelmed with purchasing decisions. Organic does usually cost more, but there are some foods that you should buy organic even if you are on a budget.



Apples are a great source of fiber and help to keep your digestive tract in great shape, but they are ranked as the highest produce with pesticides. You should always give your apples a good wash and go organic. This counts for apple juice and applesauce to.


You should reach for the organic cheese, milk and yogurt even when you are on a budget. Certified organic dairy means that the cows did not get any antibiotics or growth hormones, instead they were fed 100% organic feed.


Blueberries were found to carry more than 50 different pesticide residues. You should go organic and make sure that you wash your fruit.


Celery is a great source of vitamin C, some B vitamins and fiber. When you buy celery you should go organic and if you are not able to find organic celery then go for asparagus instead. Celery was shown o have 64 different pesticides whereas conventional asparagus is at the top of the clean produce list.

Cherry Tomatoes

Go organic with your cherry tomatoes as it was found that they carry 69 different pesticides. Also as you eat the skin of a tomato make sure to wash them.


In today’s market about 90% of all corn is genetically modified. If it is important for you to avoid GMOs then you need to go organic. However corn on the cob is rarely genetically modified so this is a safe bet if you go conventional.


You should go organic with cucumbers and if you are not able to then you should peel it to remove the waxy skin that holds most of the pesticide residue.


Grapes were shown to have more than 15 different types of pesticide residues, so go organic and wash them well.

Leafy Greens

It is a good idea to go organic with your leafy greens because the leaves of these vegetables provide more surface area for pesticides to stick to and they can be difficult to wash off.


Conventional meat contains antibiotics, hormones and pesticides and these can have a negative impact on your body, so you should spend the extra money and get organic meat.


Potatoes are a great source of potassium and fiber and are a natural source of energy. The average potatoes showed to have more pesticides by weight then any other produce, so go organic.


Be sure that your strawberries are organic as conventional strawberries contain various types of pesticide residue.

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